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Submit a news story on high-traffic news sites to drive qualified buyers to your website. Each publication acts as a landing page to warm buyers to your brand and offer before clicking through to your site.

Rank Higher on Google

Our news releases often rank on the first page of Google for your keywords, driving more traffic to your site. Search engines consider links from these news sites as high authority recommendations, helping to push your search position higher.

Increase Sales

Generate more sales by installing our customizable "As Seen On" trust badge on your website. This badge improves conversion rates by up to 48% by building trust and legitimacy with your visitors.

How it Works

We improve your brand's exposure by writing and publishing a news story on over 200 news sites. Our skilled team can write about any topic!

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You'll get a full report with links and "as seen on" trust badge. Enjoy the exposure and interest.

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We're proudly recommended by industry leading digital marketers around the globe. See what they have to say about us below.

Case Studies

We've delivered results to thousands of clients around the globe. Here are some of their success stories.

Pinnacle Media Case Study of BrandPush

Pinnacle Case Study

Increase conversionsBoost in leads and clients

How we helped Pinnacle Media enhance their credibility and expand their outreach.

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Affiliate Bay Case Study of BrandPush

Affiliate Bay Case Study

Increase conversions 48% Increase in conversions

How we helped AffiliateBay increase their conversion rate.

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Publishing Packages

Benefit from the readership and authority our partnered news sites have built over many years. Our growing list of news sites ranks high on Google, delivering you quality readers and clicks.

Choose from four massive news networks

Ideal for promoting challenging topics & niches like supplements, trading, alcohol, etc. This package provides basic exposure & reach.


Publish on Fox and Benzinga. Great for most businesses, it accepts fewer topics but allows more images and links.


Only our 6 highest authority outlets, perfect for SEO improvement.


The Ultimate exposure & reach, this network includes all news outlets for the best results.


Add Premium Outlets for Even Better Results

Add premium outlets to any package for a massive boost in exposure and credibility.

Trusted by Thousands of Businesses Worldwide

We work with people and businesses looking to get more exposure. We have worked with businesses, eCommerce websites, charities, influencers, artists, musicians, and creators.

Rated Excellent 4.7 from 250+ reviews

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Get featured on major news sites to drive visitors and customers to your website, all for a one-time payment.

Limited Package

Publish almost any topic, this package provides basic exposure & reach.

250 Outlets
3.3m Visitors
67 Authority
Popular Package

Great for most brands, includes Fox & Google News, but accepts fewer topics.

300 Outlets
28.1m Visitors
89 Authority
Authority Package

Only our 6 highest authority outlets, perfect for SEO improvement.

6 Outlets
218.4m Visitors
94 Authority
Ultimate Package

The Ultimate exposure & reach, this network includes all news outlets for the best results.

400 Outlets
228.3m Visitors
94 Authority

Marketing Agencies & Resellers

We support Marketing Agencies and Resellers. Contact us to find out how we can provide your clients with industry leading press.

Bulk Discounts

Save up to 30% on bulk orders. Our discounts start from just five orders.

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BrandPush Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

In the event that we cannot publish your news story on the news outlets included in your chosen publishing package, you will be entitled to a full refund.

Read our full refund policy

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With years of experience and over 10,000 published news stories, you can expect the best results publishing with us.

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Our stories often outrank your competition.

Experienced WritersTop Writers

We write news stories that drive interest and sales.

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50+ Support Guides and Live Chat support.

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Build trust and credibility on your website.

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Verified Outlets

News sites are verified by social media, SEO stats & FCC registration.

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Industry Leading Reports

Includes SEO stats and Google Rankings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most asked questions below. Search our support guides or contact us if you can't find the answer below.


Brand Push streamlines the process of publishing news stories on some of the most influential news sites, offering access to a vast network of news platforms that are typically very difficult and expensive to reach.

Our expert team of writers craft SEO-optimized content that showcases your brand and attracts a larger audience. Brand Push ensures a swift and smooth publishing experience with the support of their dedicated team, all at an affordable price.

See our packages

We have four publishing packages:

Limited Package
This publishing package is better for topics such as Cryptocurrencies, Supplements, Alcohol, Dating, etc. This package includes 250+ news sites but excludes most major outlets.
Included news sites
Sample report

Popular Package
This publishing package is suited for most of our clients and includes 200+ news sites, including affiliates of major news sites like FOX.
Included news sites
Sample report

Authority Package
Only our 6 highest authority outlets, perfect for SEO improvement.
Included news sites
Sample report

Ultimate Package
The Ultimate exposure & reach, this network includes all news outlets for the best results.
Included news sites
Sample report

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Our publications are excellent at delivering highly motivated visitors to your website for years to come. The publications often rank on the first page of Google for relevant search terms to advertise you to thousands of interested readers and warm them up to your brand and offer before they reach your site, ready to take action.

Getting published on many high-authority news sites also helps boost your own site's position on Google delivering even more traffic to your site from Google without even having to read a single publication.

Not to mention the additional publicity and awareness brought to everyone who reads our publications or sees them on Google. Such exposure is excellent for driving direct traffic to your site.

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Our publications have a strong track record of ranking on Google, especially for niche-specific terms. By leveraging high-authority news publications, we've propelled many clients toward the top of Google's first page.

It's worth mentioning that getting on the first page of Google is about more than just what we do. External factors, like how many other pages are trying to rank for the same keywords, play a significant role. And since Google's ranking decisions are outside our control, we can't guarantee specific results.

Our service stands out due to the high authority news sites we publish on, as well as the SEO expertise of our team. Our publications usually rank higher than our competitors.

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Some major news sites, like Business Insider, AsiaOne, and Newsmax, typically use do-follow backlinks. On the other hand, many news outlets, such as Benzinga and Street Insider, often use no-follow backlinks.

For the best SEO results, we suggest the Authority Package & Ultimate Package because they usually include some do-follow links.

Many clients are initially only interested in dofollow links. But, after seeing how nofollow links still improve their search rankings, they are often happy to keep ordering each month. Most clients notice an improvement within the first month of getting their report.

Here is what the industry leading SEO experts say:

The typical turnaround time for most clients is around 7 business days, although this duration may fluctuate based on the selected writing and publishing packages. You can see specific delivery time estimates for each package directly on our order form.

Our Writing Packages are designed to deliver your news story within 2-3 days from the moment your order is placed, with any necessary revisions usually addressed within 24 hours.

Our Publishing Packages, the entire process is expected to take approximately 5 business days. This timeframe begins when you place your order and concludes upon the delivery of your comprehensive report. It's important to note that if the news story submitted doesn't align with our writing standards, there might be some delays.

We also provide Publishing Add-ons that can potentially increase the processing time by an additional 1-4 business days, depending on the specific add-on you choose.

Most news sites will keep articles live for at least 24 months, but a few outlets like Fox and NCN only guarantee three months to keep their sites fresh.

Some major news sites exclusive to the Ultimate and Authority Packages are more likely to keep their publications live well beyond the 24-month average.

For the best SEO results, we recommend ordering at least once a month.

Yes, you can promote affiliate links. We cannot include direct affiliate links within the article itself, so you should have a landing page containing your affiliate link.

Yes, we offer white label reports for all orders for free. So it's effortless to share our reports with your clients.

White label reports come in 3 different formats:

To turn any report into a white label version, just open your report, then click Export -> White Label Version

Are you a Marketing Agency or Reseller? Contact us about our bulk discounts.

We have helped many people and brands get verified on social media.

Social media sites require you to submit news stories to prove that you are a person of interest or notable.

To help you in this process, we can write and publish a news story about your brand on more than 200 news sites with live links so you can give social media sites the proof they need.

It's important to understand that social media sites consider many factors during the verification process, so our service cannot guarantee verification. But we can give you the edge you need in the verification process.

When applying for verification, you should ensure your profile is complete and has been active for some time. Only use links to publications like Daily Herald that don't use "sponsored content" labels. And finally, make sure your account is secured with multi-factor authentication.

Don't stress if your application is rejected. Just apply again after six months with a few extra publications.


We only need two things to start writing your news story:

  1. A link to your website or social media
  2. Your brand's contact details

You can also provide a topic, goals, keywords, images, quotes and even a YouTube video to embed within the article.

To get started, see our packages.

News sites need a newsworthy press release written about your brand. Here are some newsworthy topics:

  • Product or service launches or updates
  • Website launches or updates
  • Accomplishments and milestones
  • Brand announcements
  • Events
  • Location or branch updates
  • Changes to your brand
  • Financial changes
  • HR or staff changes

Avoid mentioning sales or prices, third-party brands, and public figures.

If you choose to write your own article, please follow our writing guidelines:

See Writing Guidelines

No, once an article is live, we cannot edit it. So it's essential that you carefully review the article we send you and that you only provide us with articles that are ready to publish.

If you need changes after an article is published, it will cost $150 to remove all the live publications and the price of the publishing package to republish the article. This process takes about one week to complete. Just contact us if you would like us to do this for you.

No, our dedicated writers craft each article without assistance from artificial intelligence platforms like ChatGPT. Our business policy strictly prohibits us from using any AI software for writing articles, and our writers firmly follow this guideline.

That said, we use Grammarly to enhance the grammar and readability of our articles. The purpose of this tool is not to generate content but to provide a proofreading layer, ensuring that our writing maintains a high standard of quality and consistency. Unfortunately, Grammarly has been known to trigger AI detection systems.

Learn more

News outlets will compress and shrink images, so we recommend providing the highest quality images without any text.

Learn more

Packages have different limitations on how many images can be included. Check our writing guidelines for the specifics.

Writing Guidelines

Images cannot be hyperlinks, and we can only accept images with a max file size of 25MB in the following file formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, HEIF, HEIC, TIFF, TIF, SVG, and WEBP. We cannot publish animated image formats such as GIFs.

Best Practices:

  • Use JPG or PNG file formats.
  • Landscape images with a minimum width of 800px wide.
  • Keep file size within 500kb.
  • Avoid text, but if necessary, use large font sizes.


Yes, once our expert writers finish your article, you can request revisions to make it perfect. Our Short News Story package allows up to two rounds of revisions; the Regular News Story package allows up to three; and for the Long News Story package, you can request as many revisions as needed. Our team is always happy to edit and perfect your article, ensuring it meets your needs.

Our packages involve publishing a single news story on a variety of news sites. This is beneficial for SEO because news sites regularly post similar content, and search engines recognize this, so there's no issue with uniqueness for duplicate content. Your article and backlinks on these high-authority websites can significantly boost your search engine ranking.

News sites such as The Globe and Mail and Benzinga do not show any "sponsored content" or "advertisement" labels, making them excellent for sharing and use during social media verification.

Other sites like Fox include a notice that a third party wrote the publication, and some news sites may add a subtle "sponsored content" or "advertisement" label if required by local law.

If you are interested in finding out which news sites show those labels, you could check our sample report and check each publication manually.

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